Thursday, 21 August 2014

Holdsworth Monsoon

An enthusiast collector has recently acquired a 1960 Holdsworth Monsoon. He has kindly send me these photos. Apart from its historic interest, the bicycle is aesthetically pleasing. And it is still a useful multi-purpose machine, 54 years after its manufacture.
The Holdworth has a Reynolds 531 frame, with well-crafted fish-tail lugs, and characteristic Holdsworth head-badge and fine paintwork. Note, for example, the lining on the seat-stays.
The bicycle is very well equipped with period components. The bar-end gear lever, the brakes and the rear mechanism are all Campagnolo.
The bars and stem are GB, engraved.
There are just five gears, but with a 42-tooth Stronglight chainset and a big 32-tooth rear cog, it can cope reasonably with hills.
Other features include Weinemann rims, Bluemels lightweight mudguards, a TA ring, Lyotard pedals with Christophe clips and straps, and a Brooks B17 saddle in pristine condition.

The Monsoon has been newly-fitted with Gatorskin tyres.
What a bicycle!
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