Wednesday, 23 July 2014

F.B. Bicycle

On holiday at Cadenabbia-Griante on the western shore of Lake Como in Italy, I went for a walk (a pretty tough climb, actually) up a cobbled zig-zagging trail that brought me eventually from the road you can see down below to this lovely view.

On the way up, I passed through the ancient centre of the village and came across this delightful sight outside a bar. As you can see, it appears to have been a comfortable, well-appointed bicycle. It has Universal 'Mignon' side-pull brakes and - as far as I could tell - attractive chromed lugs and fork ends.
I do not know anything about the provenance of this bicycle but it seems as though the manufacturer could have been 'FB'.
Maybe this was the Brivio Brothers ('Fratelli Brivio') who are known to have been making bicycle parts more than half a century ago.
There seems to be doubt whether they ever made any complete bicycles.
Maybe this one proves that they DID. Also it may be the only surviving F.B.

Can anyone give me information?

[Yes. An anonymous correspondent kindly did. See comment below.]

By the way, I enjoyed the clever use of the dummy too.
Fratelli Brivio [Fratelli Brothers] was basically a precision engineering company in the 1930's onwards, who it has been suggested manufactured the very earliest Campagnolo hubs and maybe other items.
They certainly made very high quality bicycle components, including cranksets and they definitely produced complete bicycles. All their components were stamped F.B. at least and I have a photograph of their metal head badge. They might have produced a motorcycle as well.